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Gifted Education in Culpeper

The Culpeper Gifted Program is designed to extend the educational experiences of children who have met the County criteria for gifted services. Academically Challenging Education (ACE) is designed for grades K through twelve. Advanced classes are available for these students in grades six through 12. During the school year, Mountain Vista Governor's School for Science, Math, and Technology is available for high-ended learners in grades 10, 11 and 12. 

Students may be identified to receive gifted services in the area of General Intellectual Aptitude in grades K-12. A student may be referred in writing for the identification process by a parent, teacher, peer, community member, or by self-nomination. Referral forms may be obtained from the gifted specialist of each school. Culpeper County schools use multiple criteria to assure the systematic and objective selection of students for gifted services.

All students identified for the gifted program in grades one through five are cluster grouped within the general education classroom. Students identified for the gifted program in grades six through 12 are clustered in classes which are designated as delivering gifted services. The general education teacher who teaches a cluster of gifted students differentiates curriculum instruction to meet their needs.

The gifted specialists are responsible for screening and assessment, leading the school Identification/Placement Committee, and coordinating services for gifted students. The gifted specialists act as differentiation resource personnel to the cluster teachers. Each elementary and middle school is serviced by a gifted specialist. The high schools have a gifted liaison who handles gifted education referrals and testing, governor's school applications, and acts as a resource for gifted students, parents and teachers.

The Culpeper County Schools' Gifted curriculum for grades one through five is academically advanced.The program accommodates the high abilities of gifted students, and leads to greater knowledge and development of creativity and other thinking skills. The gifted specialists follow a division-wide core curriculum which consists of units from William and Mary and other research based units of study specifically designed for gifted students.

In grades six through eight, students identified as gifted are eligible to take the ACE elective course. This semester elective course is academically advanced. Gifted students are also eligible for advanced math and language arts classes.

In grades nine through twelve, students identified eligible to receive gifted services are offered a full range of challenging courses, including Honors, Advanced Placement, Independent Study, Virtual High School, and Dual Enrollment classes. Tenth, eleventh and twelfth graders have the opportunity to participate in the Mountain Vista Governor's School for Science, Math, and Technology.

Students who are identified eligible to receive gifted services in grades five, six and seven have the opportunity to attend the Regional Governor's School for the Gifted (SummerQuest!). Students who are identified eligible for gifted services in tenth and eleventh grade have the opportunity to attend Residential Summer Governor's School for the Gifted.
School level information and discussion meetings for parents of students identified eligible to receive gifted services, interested community members, and parents are held twice during the school year at the elementary and middle schools.